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witcheswitches's Journal

daisy guts
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This is a community to celebration of all that is dark, morbid, haunting, and taboo. Some of what you may find here will be NSFW. Share stories, photographs, art, films, music, etc. ♥

-Members only
-No introductions; don't ramble on about yourself.
-Play nice
-Use the LJ-Cut when you ought to

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run by Brytnee & Mae

abandoned buildings, abandoned houses, absinthe, aleister crowley, alice liddell, anachronisms, androgyny, anthropomorphism, antique dresses, anton lavey, arsenic, aurora borealis, babyart, barbara steele, bettie page, blood, bloody mary, bones, bruises, cabinets of curiosity, carnival of souls, cemeteries, charles manson, classic horror, claws, conjoined twins, courtesans, criminology, cryptozoology, crystals, cults, curiosities, dark fairy tales, dead things, death photography, delirium, demonic possession, demonology, doll houses, doppelgängers, dracula, edward gorey, ellen rogers, epitaphs, erotica, erzsébet báthory, ether, exorcisms, extra terrestrials, fangs, fashion, feral children, fetish, full moons, ghosts, gore, gottfried helnwein, graveyards, grotesque, gypsies, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hammer horror, hans bellmer, haunted houses, heavenly creatures, henry darger, horror, imagination, infanticide, insane asylums, insanity, inspiration, irina ionesco, jan svankmajer, jean rollin, katie jane garside, katiejane garside, lewis carroll, little red riding hood, lizzie borden, lolita, lucid dreaming, lucrezia borgia, lycanthropy, macabre, mario bava, mark ryden, mata hari, matricide, medical anomalies, medical oddities, mediums, melancholia, monsters, mysticism, necromancy, nosferatu, orphanages, ouija boards, picnic at hanging rock, psychedelia, psychotronic cinema, rosemary's baby, seances, seduction, sexual expression, skeleton keys, skeletons, skulls, spider baby, submission, surrealism, séances, taboo, tarot cards, taxidermy, teeth, the bad seed, the bell witch, the green fairy, the manson girls, the occult, the paranormal, the wicker man, unconventional beauty, valerie a tyden divu, valerie a týden divů, vampirism, victorian era, victorian post mortem photography, vintage erotica, virgin/whore complex, werewolves, witchcraft, witchy girls, wolves, wunderkammer